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Welcome to Horse Archer Productions . . .

About Horse Archer

Horse Archer Productions, LLC was founded in 2005 by Sean Kotz and Chris Valluzzo to make documentaries on local and regional subjects that we knew had appeal to audiences large and small.  Since the 2007 release of our first film, Hokie Nation, we have sold copies of our DVDs on every continent except Africa and Antarctica . . . and we figure they just haven't found us yet.

Our films are about documenting and preserving our stories.  We are a TRUE independent film company and proud of it.  Take a look around the site and contact us if you have questions, ideas or need video production.

What's New?
The Hull's Drive-In Documentary!

Photo Courtesy of Maggi George/Hull's Drive In

While other drive-ins are falling off the map, Hull's Drive-In in Lexington, VA is thriving with the help of the Hull's Angels.   Click here to learn about the project!



WHY OLD TIME? (2009)

WHY OLD TIME? began with a simple question.  Why do so many people across the world admire, preserve and even build lives around Appalachian string band music, much of which is more than a century old in the age of high-technology? 

What we have found is that Old Time music just isn't a sound. It's a lifestyle. It's living history.  And it's the musicians drive it ever forward while preserving an untarnished musical tradition.  

For more information  to

For more information, go to the official page at



A comprehensive examination of more than 50 years of late night comedy and terror on VA and DC airwaves.  Features rare shows, audio, video and photos as from as far back as 1958.  A Rondo Award nominee, it was one of only two documentaries selected at the VA Film Festival.  Winner of Best Doc at Blue Ridge Blood Film Festival, 2011.



Henry Reed very rarely left his home in Giles County, VA during his life.  And yet, he is considered one of the most influential fiddlers in Old Time music. Before his death in 1968, archivist and researcher Alan Jabbour discovered Reed and preserved his music and style through recordings.  It has lead to "Henry Reed tunes" being played across the globe and the founding of a festival in his honor.  See for more.




When VIRGINIA CREEPERS was completed, fans began requesting more on the Bowman Body . . . and with Bill's wealth of hilarious stories and legions of devotees who followed his career from the earliest days on WXEX's "Shock Theater," there was plenty left to tell.   A lifetime in broadcasting yielded dozens of hilarious stories captured in this film, from Bowman's hearse misdirecting a funeral for 20 miles, to naked coeds appearing at his door, to the Hell's Angels seeking autographs. Check out for more.



Touched With Fire:  The High Woods String Band 

The final phases of production are underway for this film about the legendary Old Time band, The High Woods String Band.  The Highwoods String Band broke ground everywhere they went and had a lasting impact on American music.

Pre-orders for the film are now being taken at and you can get a taste for the film with the extended trailer to the right.  It is a snapshot of the larger film which should be available in late spring or early summer, 2013.


STRANGE COUNTRY:  A Different Kind of UFO Documentary

Production is resuming this spring on our film about a strange UFO case that changed a man's life forever.  25 years after international media attention came to tiny Wytheville, VA on the heels of massive UFO sightings, the echoes still ring for reporter Danny Gordon. Gordon, a newscaster with a wall full of UPI awards and community work citations, became the unintentional center of the upheaval caused by an array of strange objects in the country skies from 1987-88. 

This is a different type of UFO documentary . . . this is a film about the people who are left behind in the wake of high strangeness. 

Learn more here.


The Stuff of Legends:  Inside the World of Craft Brewing

Horse Archer is pleased to announce that we will spend the next year following Legend Brewery in Richmond, VA as they release a new line, seek to expand their market, navigate the sea of regulation and strive to produce great beer as they head toward their 20th anniversary. 

The film will be an education on what it takes to brew a great beer, compete with giant corporations and serve the community. 

More to come soon.


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