Who We Are

As a blog that focuses on the production of documentaries and commercials, you can expect to find the latest details on film production and news around the latest films that are being produced. You can visit the blog regularly to stay informed about everything related to production companies.

We regularly discuss and write about production education for anybody interested in learning more about the inner workings of the film industry. Being a student at a film school you will be glad to know about our articles guiding you to various websites giving advice and tips on filming.

Documentary Production Companies

There are many production companies around the world giving focus to documentaries instead of movies. With the rise of streaming platforms, there has been a bigger need for documentaries providing knowledge on certain world subjects.

A lot of work goes into the making of documentaries. They do not rely on scripts or storylines, but rather use research and facts around what their documentaries are about. And with so many big things happening in the world, we need to watch documentaries to learn and be conscious about what is going on in the world and the opinions surrounding these subjects.

Being interested in the making of documentaries, you will be able to learn more about filming advice and methods used to get certain shots and how the development and distribution of productions work.

Documentary Films

Documentaries teach us about world subjects and important factors that are happening that we should know about. Interested in something? Find a documentary about it and you will probably learn more about the subject than you would be reading a book. Documentaries contribute to educating society around important facts.

Documentaries can be found with a lot of different genres, including biography documentaries, crime documentaries, and even traveling.

Films In Production

At Horse Archer Productions we will take a look at the latest films that are going into production or are in post-production status. With so much work going into the planning and organizing a film there is a lot to know. Finding actors, soundtracks, directors, producers, and editors can take a lot of time with availability and schedule changes.

Commercial Productions

No matter what your business, commercials are an important factor to take into consideration with promoting your company or any new products and services you are releasing. A lot of effort is being put into commercials for companies, to attract the interest of consumers and make the company successful.

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