The Work Relationship Between Casinos and Filmmaking

Thinking about how close Los Angeles and the Las Vegas strip are to each other will make you think that the working relationship between the two communities would be great. But these two cultures do not seem to fit in well with each other.

The cultures of the two are completely different from each other. With Los Angeles being a film and television mecca city and Las Vegas still being dominated by gaming and casinos, we can see why the relationship between the two does not work that well. Although it does seem important to build understanding with each other.

In recent interviews between big positions in Hollywood and the gaming and gambling industries in Las Vegas, it was discussed that some progress has been made between bridging the two communities together.

The progress has gone so far that The Nevada Film Office has been hoping that promoting scripts based in Nevada will be encouraging to producers in Hollywood to work with them. For the past 20 years, they have been encouraging screenwriters to write scripts based in Nevada.

Now with the rise of online casinos and some of the games being based on some of the biggest and most popular movies in Hollywood, we can see the relationship growing. Being able to base an online casino game on a movie, the game’s producers need to purchase licenses from the film production companies in order to use the theme on games.

On playstar you can see many of these games. These games are based on well-known Hollywood films and television shows that capture the essence of the films on the games. With online casinos also providing tax payments and jobs towards the economy of both Los Angeles and Las Vegas and working together on these games it’s clear how the relationship between them is growing.

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