Top Film Production Blogs to Follow

The key to success in the film production industry is to stay up to date with all the latest information on production methods and newly released documentaries and films. Here we take a look at some of the most popular and trusted blogs focusing on the field of production.

IndieWire Blog

Indiewire blog has been around for a long time and is trusted by many people. They provide great reads to people looking for a less technical side to production. You can read all about films releases, award predictions, and film recommendations. It’s the perfect blog for light reading.

Sundance Blog

If you are looking for in-depth readings about specific projects and festivals, then this is the blog for you. Not really meant for advice on production, but still, you will find much interesting news reads on the topic of filmmaking.

Filmmaker Magazine Blog

Filmmaker Magazine Blog provides daily updates on the industry and publishes daily on film events and festivals. Also available on their blog is interviews of most professionals in film production and read up on the creator’s perspective on production. Regarded as a very reliable source for daily updates in the film production industry.

Cinema 5D Blog

If you are looking for a reliable source about gear and equipment used in film production, then this is the blog for you. They provide knowledgeable information on everything related to tech news and equipment. With digital filmmaking being their main focus, you can find weekly posts on software, equipment updates, and tutorials on filmmaking.

Art of VFX Blog

This blog mainly focuses on the work of VFX artists and projects. This blog will stand as a knowledgeable resource for anybody aspiring to a career in effects and motion design in film. It’s a great source of entertainment for anybody interested in filmmaking.

Variety Film Blog

Probably one of the most diverse blogs around film production, they provide articles around box office performances and film deals. The great thing about this blog is that they update hourly. Sometimes more than one article will be published within an hour, so you will always have something to read.

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